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Bleeding candle not quite red blood. Is an almost orange color comes available in 3 scents. Burns White then begins to bleed as the candle blends into the color.

Pumpkin + Pie: Rich pumpkin bread scent

Black Honey + Fig: Fig and honey with notes of pear and jasmine notes.

Black Violet + Oud is a seductive blend of warm amber, black violet and saffron a luxurious scented Molded Skull Soy + Bees Wax slow burning candle. White will bleed away into the orange almost red color part of the candle. Smells fragrant and lasts over 3 hours.

Scent Strength : Strong, Aromatic,

soy parrafin wax blend mixed with Bees Wax
Sourced by American farmers
No zinc or carcinogenic dyes, paraffin and phthalate free

10% of all proceeds donated to foster youth in Adams County, Colorado

The candle that gives –

Bleeding Halloween Skull

Black Fig + Honey, Black Violet + Oud, Pumpkin + Pie, Snickerdoodle Marshmallow


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