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Slow Melting Soy + Bees Wax Flower Wax Melts in Fall Scents

Rich Pumpkin pie scented Soy + Bees Wax Melts Pumpkin Pie is a sweet and subtle in maple and pumpkin the perfect blend for our holiday pumpkin lovers. It’s a soulful pumpkin pie, Sweet, spicy, and a bit nutty.

Brown Sugar + Vanilla This sophisticated warm dessert fragrance is calming and delightful the way all fall candles should be.

Black Violet + Oud a seductive blend of warm amber, black violet and saffron a luxurious scent.

Black Fig + Honey is sweet sophisticated blend of honeyed peach, coconut milk, cyclamen, apple and bergamot notes of ginger heliotrope with a hint of Tonka bean and sugary base note.

100% soy slow burning wax.
all-natural Soy Pillar + Bees Wax  hand poured in small batches. Naturally colorless candle in glass jar with a stamped wooden lid.

Made with 100% all natural soy wax
Sourced by american farmers
No zinc or carcinogenic dyes, paraffin and phthalate free

10% of all proceeds donated to foster youth in Adams County, Colorado

The candle that gives –

Wax Melt Flowers

Black Honey + Fig, Black Violet + Oud Flowers, Pumpkin + Pie Flowers


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