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Revive the room, furniture and atmosphere with a few sprays of our natural odor eliminating room and body spray. This spray is safe for room and home environment, and safe to spray on skin. Customers should always conduct a patch test, but generally this fragrance is safe.

Wildwoods is our take on vanilla baked into a cedar wood. Gentle yet masculine vanilla notes intertwine with rich notes woodsy notes or patchouli, citrus and a pine. a sophisticated unisex scent meant to make the room come alive again.

Fragrance lingers on cloth furniture and carpets. fragrance will not leave behind residue, do not spray on floors as it may cause slipperiness.

8oz Mister Spray bottle

Ingredients are natural contain natural odor counteractants, water denatured alcohol, polysorbate 20.

2 year shelf life.


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